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Nino Live official trailer


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-Plot Outline-
“Every man is surrounded by a neighborhood of voluntary spies.”” – George Washington
Spying has always claimed the highest position in the hierarchy of human behavior. And thus it forms the crux of the film ‘Nino Live’. Based in the modern age, the film shows how an entire life can go public in this era of wires and networks.
The film revolves around the journey of a child from adolescence to early manhood, all caught on celluloid. Ripping off his personal domain, his existence is dished out in the form of unedited footage, broadcasted live 24*7 on television. This gigantic show, named ‘Nino Live’, becomes a way of life for thousands of reality TV struck fans around the country. How his first kiss is food for entertainment to millions watching it live or how his mundane anecdotes are glorified to death; every chore fascinates fiercely. Without his knowledge, his actions and thoughts hypnotize an entire nation. Trapped on thousands of cameras parked where ever he puts a foot at, even the drift of an eyelash does not go unnoticed. The massive electronic and human setup thriving on this artificial world is controlled from a studio owned by an enterprising producer who during the course of the film, is established as the father of the protagonist – ‘Nino’.
The film graduates slowly to his quest of comprehending and deconstructing his life. Growing up, he deciphers each action and every event in his life. They all start to seem fabricated to him. He progressively understands he lives in a manufactured society and he needs to break free to see the real world. Many instances serve as catalysts in this process. The sudden disappearance of his beloved and the resurfacing of a different person as she, the behavioral changes he observes emerging in people close to him, make him paranoid by the day and this itch causes him to revolt out of the engineered world.
How all these episodes affect a nation thereafter and how fans of such a massive show react, take the story forward in a way which drifts beautifully. From the dilemma of the producer to the hunger of a nation, everything is suddenly left unconnected. How a ‘Nino Live’ struck fan parallels her life exactly to that of the protagonist’s and how she finally connects these chords, outlines and structures the remainder of the film.

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